Updating your Female AV

I know there’s definitely more “experts” on this matter out there than me, and they probably will tell me what I should put here instead (and I’ll take any constructive criticism for sure).  But for completions sake, why stop at making a guide on what to buy for men only?  In my experience, women generally put more effort into their avatars then men do, but there are still some who need a helpful start.  So to that end…. here’s a list of what I consider to be the better places to shop for women.





Clothing Suggestions

Events & More Shopping

Honestly showing everything above isn’t viable.  There is definitely more hair and clothes to be had, and we haven’t even covered makeup, tattoos, eyes, ears, jewelry, etc.  To continue shopping from here I’d recommend events and the MPSeraphimSL is by far my favorite place to find new events, and from there you can pick what designers you like and go visit their stores (though flickr is quicker).  And generally you can browse the MP for things and sort by “Best Selling” to see what is the most popular.


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